You must try this last minute pasta salad! With meat sausage and cheese, it is simply delicious

This simple pasta salad is perfect for a BBQ evening. And the recipe can be varied as desired. image / Shotshop

The weekend will be the hottest of the year – so far. Many people will be attracted to the garden. Relaxing hours with an ice cream or a cold drink under the parasol – you can hardly imagine anything else in the brutal heat. And in the evening, of course, the grill is lit up. Cooking the food in the heat is not very fun. Therefore: Try this lightning-fast pasta salad, which is cooked in no time!

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Delicious pasta salad for grilling: This recipe is simply fantastic

The recipe is based on simple ingredients – and can be prepared in a very short time. Boil pasta, chop ingredients, mix salad dressing … all these steps can be done in less than half an hour!

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And the best thing about the pasta salad recipe: the ingredients can be replaced as you like. Do not feel like meat sausage? Just leave them outside or replace more cheese. Corn does not taste good? Then use peas for the pasta salad. Here comes the brilliant recipe.

Ingredients for pasta salad: this is what you need

You will need: 500 grams of pasta (eg Spirelli), 1 can of cucumbers, 1 poultry sausage, 1 packet of cold cuts, 1 can of corn, 1 can of salad mayonnaise, 5 tablespoons tomato ketchup, 1 bag of salad fix (spice mix for salad dressing), salt, pepper, paprika powder chives rolls

Spirelli goes best with the pasta salad. But any other type of pasta can also be used. image / Shotshop

Here’s how: Boil the noodles according to the instructions on the package, allow to drain and allow to cool. If you are in a hurry: After emptying, just fill the pot with the pasta with ice cold water and stir the pasta once. Then pour off again. The water cools the noodles and removes the heat from the pot – so the noodles can already be reused.

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Cut the meat sausage into cubes. Also dice the cheese slices. Let the corn drain and cut the cucumbers into fine cubes. Add meat sausage, cheese, cucumbers and corn to the noodles. In a separate bowl, mix half a glass of mayonnaise with 5 tablespoons of ketchup, a little cucumber broth and the salad bag into a smooth sauce. Season them with salt, pepper and a little paprika powder.

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Then pour the sauce over the pasta salad and stir well with two large spoons. Add the chives and season again with salt and pepper. Important: the salad should sit for about three hours before serving so that the sauce can develop its taste. This is suitable for any grilled meat or sausage – but the salad can also be eaten on its own, it tastes delicious. Have a nice meal!

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