Wittgenstein: These are the most popular ice cream parlors

Wittgenstein’s ice cream parlors not only offer balls in cones and ice creams. These are the most popular ice cream bars and their special features.

In the summer, it’s simply part of it: a scoop of ice cream as a refreshment in between or a visit to the ice cream kiosk with a large ice cream. There are currently four ice cream parlors in Wittgenstein: one each in Bad Laasphe and Erndtebrück – and Bad Berleburg has two to offer.

Dolomiti and Erndtebrück

The Dolomiti ice cream parlor in Erndtebrück has many fans. Located in the roundabout in Erndtebrück’s core town, it attracts with homemade ice cream, special creations such as ice cream cannelloni and many different cups with fruit, sweets and / or waffles – and even salty little things. “The best ice cream bar in the whole district! Nowhere does the ice cream taste as good as here “, writes a visitor in his Google rating.

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“The fruits are very large and taste good. Even better is the choice of ice cream balls. Special varieties, which taste very good. You are more than welcome to pay a few pennies more for this. The employees are very friendly “, writes another guest. “Good and tasty selection of ice cream flavors to bring or eat in the café. Local is very modern and clean, the staff is very accommodating”, says another review. The ice cream bar is currently open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 22.00 and Sunday from 9.00 to 9.30 pm The café’s ice cream truck also runs.

Venice in Bad Laasphe

The Bad Laaspher Eiscafé is located right on Lahnstraße. With two outdoor areas – one facing the street and one behind the building – guests can choose to sit on the street or in the quieter outdoor area. Venice is also popular with visitors: “Super nice staff and delicious ice cream! Latte and hot chocolate – also in white – are really recommended”, wrote one visitor. “We are in Bad Laasphe once a month and then we must always have ice cream. Super tasty. , very friendly, can only be recommended, concludes another.

San Remo and Bad Berleburg

The Eiscafé San Remo in the upper town of Bad Berleburg on Fürst-Richard-Straße has a very special feature: There are unusual ice cream cakes in many flavors, richly decorated with fruit and / or sweets and pastries. The ice cream types are also creative and partly inspired by popular sweets. “Very comfortable and the hosts are very attentive and friendly. Here the ice cream tastes good. We will be happy to return. The chef even showed me one of the homemade ice cream cakes and the tarte flambé was also top notch! We will definitely order an ice cream cake here for our next birthday “, a visitor enthused.

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“Delicious ice cream, special requests are fulfilled at no extra cost, the prices are reasonable and the terrace behind the building is quiet because it is separated from the street,” writes one visitor. In summer, the ice cream kiosk is open daily from 12:00 to 21:30.

Venetto glass bar in Bad Berleburg

The glass bar is centrally located in Bad Berleburg on the Graf-Casimir-Strasse. “Very good ice cream. A little outdated shop. But sitting outside and eating a good ice cream is always possible. Nice staff. Thank you,” wrote one visitor. In addition to creative sweets and savory dishes, the café also offers crêpes in different varieties. The café is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00 and until 22:00 on Sundays.

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