We always eat these famous foods wrong

When the fridge opens, very few people think about how to eat a certain food. Rather, it happens quite automatically that you take a product. I personally do not really care, the only thing that matters to me is that it ends up in my stomach and fills me. So it was not surprising that I was surprised that it was Food there are things you have eaten wrong all your life. Why one Tick ​​thanks taught me better and what food we all eat wrong you can find out here.

We eat all these foods wrong

The video platform Tick ​​thanks always makes me think of things I would never have thought of. However, after watching the video, I reviewed every food item and had to admit that if the video is believable, have really eaten the wrong food all my life. According to the @mademyday account, there are exactly 5 foods that everyone eats wrong.

1. Cut the cake

Do you want to cut a cake and always use a knife? The TikTok video gives advice on an unusual but workable alternative. The only thing you need is dental floss that should be free of additives, wax and preferably tasteless. According to the video, nothing should stick to the thin thread and the cake should look more visually appealing than with a knife.

Cancel Toblerone

Popular Swiss chocolate tops the list. Everyone who has ever tasted the triangular chocolate know how much trouble it takes to break off the pins. I have only ever been able to break them off with great difficulty by pushing the pin outwards. But according to that Tick ​​thanks Account @mademyday you should not do that. The easiest way to break the chocolate is if you break them inwards instead of outwards.

Packaging of McDonald’s French fries

Anyone who has ever eaten a burger with french fries knows the problem with the french fries packaging. Because it is quite elongated, it is relatively difficult to eat. If you want ketchup or mayonnaise in addition to that, it is a real science to eat it. But have you ever tried to tip the french fries in the lid of the hamburger package? So you have your entire menu in one box and can enjoy your food easily and deliciously.

You can easily enjoy McDonald’s french fries with a simple trick. Credit: Getty Images / Joe Raedle

4. Crack up Rittersport chocolate

You got yourself a delicious one for a movie night tourney Bought chocolate but only want to eat half? video up Tick ​​thanks shows how to open the package so you can easily use the chocolate another day. To do this, fold the bar in half until the chocolate falls apart. Now the package opens automatically and the bar is divided into two halves. You can take out one half for the movie night and the other half stays nicely wrapped until the next time.

5. Open the mango

This mango trick is really cool and makes it possible that you get a lot of pulp with little effort. To do this, cut the mango past the core into thick slices. Next, you need a jar and gently pull the mango over the edge of the jar to release the mango shell.

All you need for the perfectly peeled mango is a glass of water. Credit: Getty Images / Oscar Wong

5. Remove TicTac

When it came to packaging the small lozenges, the manufacturers really thought something through. Because there is a function in the jar which is intended for only one single Tick ​​thanks comes out of the package. To do this, turn the jar upside down, gently open the lid and you can take out a dragee.

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