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TV shows today

Those who currently want to watch TV either reach for the program guide or – which is common, especially for younger TV viewers – use the program guide they trust on the internet. On TV SPIELFILM there is “Today’s TV show”-Overview a practical Compilation of all programs of the day. From the main programs Das Erste, ZDF, RTL, Sat.1, ProSieben and cable eins to the special interest channels, third-party programs and sports or information channels: Anyone who wants to know the program today can easily navigate through the view.

TV today: Versatile but also confusing

Over the years, more and more broadcasters have populated the German television landscape. who ever TV shows today to keep an eye on must have a foresight. The average German TV household gets more than 70 complete programs via his television, there are a total of more than 400 programs on German television. National, regional and local television services dominate programs today. With the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon or the growing importance of pay-TV, the choice for TV is increasing today.

With today’s TV programs, the program guide keeps track of times of confusion. TV SPIELFILM also helps with the selection of suitable programs: We give program tips for each day, show with the well-known thumb if today’s program is worth it or not. the reviews and tips comes from the editorial office and is selected and written conscientiously every day with a trained eye. Information about the genre, the actors and the age rating on TV can also be seen. The clear presentation in tabular form organizes the individual programs chronologically and provides a quick overview of the daily TV program.

TV today: websites and apps

Another way to not only find out about the TV program, but also to tune in directly, is via the digital offers from TV SPIELFILM. With Apps or via the website can be switched directly to the day program.

There is also a link to the streaming offers during each show: If a series can also be streamed via Netflix, Amazon, Maxdome and Co. you can find out in TV SPIELFILM EPG.

Mobile access, updated information after a program change and the function to sort channels as you want are additional benefits for today’s TV. Useful functions are also the integrated search bar and a reminder function. This feature allows viewers to select their favorite movies, series or documentaries for today’s programs and add them to a watch list. Shortly before the broadcast, the user is informed of the desired program on TV Idag.

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