These tricks will keep them fresh longer

But despite the cool storage space, there are some things you should keep in mind so that your strawberries do not go bad. imago stock & people

They are one of the most popular types of fruit – strawberries! No wonder: They not only taste sweet and good, but are also a healthy and easy snack! But it often happens that you have just bought a bowl of strawberries and they are already starting to rot. But there are some tricks how the berries stay fresh longer and are not destroyed after a short time. We’ll tell you.

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Keeping strawberries fresh – trick 1:

It is best to cut off brown or bad spots on the fruit before storage. This prevents moisture from building up. You should not wash the strawberries. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand they lose some of their aroma, on the other hand moisture gets to the berries, which in turn causes the strawberries to rot faster.

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Keeping Strawberries Fresh – Trick 2:

You should store the fresh strawberries in the vegetable box in the refrigerator. So they stay fresh for the longest time. Just dress the crisper with a paper towel and place the strawberries on top. This is how the moisture is captured.

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Keeping Strawberries Fresh – Trick 3:

It’s even better if you store the strawberries in a colander in the fridge. The strainer ensures that a lot of air reaches the strawberries from all directions. This can prevent mold from forming.

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Keeping Strawberries Fresh – Trick 4:

Strawberries stay fresh longer after a vinegar bath. Vinegar can help slow the growth of mold on the fruit. Do not worry, the strawberries will not adopt the taste. And this is how the vinegar bath is made: first you need to remove already mushy or spoiled fruit. Mix three parts water and one part vinegar in a bowl. Now put the strawberries in it and throw them briefly in it. After about a minute, remove the berries and rinse them under running water until you no longer smell the vinegar. Now you should gently pat the strawberries dry.

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Strawberries are not berries

On average, each consumer in Germany consumes about seven kilos of berries per year. Strawberries are most popular, closely followed by raspberries and blueberries. The sweet fruits are not only delicious, but also very healthy. Berries contain a lot of water and fiber and hardly any protein and fat. As a result, they have a low energy density and a high nutrient density at the same time “, explains Silke Restemeyer, nutritionist at the German Nutrition Society. V. (DGE).

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From a botanical point of view, the popular strawberries are not berries at all, but collected fruits. The actual fruits are the small yellow grains on the surface. But just like the “real” berries, they not only taste good, they are also good for your health. They are even richer in vitamin C than grapefruit or oranges, and they also contain folate, which is important for cell renewal in the human body. Locally produced strawberries are available from late April to early September. Ripe fruits are colored all the way to the top and are sugary, but 100 grams contains only about 32 calories.

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