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Whether it’s strawberries, apples or mangoes: fruity cold drinks are in high demand, especially in summer. Not weird: Finally, the drinks provide the necessary refreshment. Especially homemade, they taste incredibly good. You can now find out which drinks are in vogue right now again.

Smoothie with a twist: An ice-cold strawberry margarita

A smoothie for breakfast is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. But the fruit drink will be a real hit only in the evening. With a generous shot of booze, it immediately becomes even more fun to hang out with friends. The so-called strawberry margarita is the trend drink par excellence.

Everything you need for this:

The recipe is extremely simple: Put all the ingredients – except the sugar – in your blender. Here is a stand mixer – like the model from Russell Hobbs* – really recommended as it is easier to use than a mixer rod.
The drink is ready in a few minutes: if you want to serve the cocktail in a very elegant way, you can conjure up a delicious sugar edge on the glass. Oh voila! The summer drink is ready.

Tip: Do not like strawberries? No problem. Just replace the fruit with another – frozen – fruit.

Fruit juice from Hawaii: This drink tastes like summer, sun and beach

Hawaii is not only known for its beaches and music – tropical fruits such as mangoes also grow in the US state. If you are longing for a relaxing beach holiday, at least move with this juice tasteful a little closer to Hawaii.

Everything you need for this:

For a perfect consistency, a juicer is definitely necessary. Our favorite: The Arebos model is easy to use and has a large feed chute – the fruit does not necessarily have to be cut.
Insert the fruit into the unit one by one. When the fruit has been completely juiced, the juice can be stirred well. While mixing the drink, you can pour a little coconut water over it. The taste is all the more reminiscent of Hawaii.

These summer drinks are light and good

Whether it’s strawberry margarita or juice that tastes like Hawaii: These fruity summer drinks are not so trendy for nothing. They are delicious, easy to make and perfect as a refreshment for large groups of friends. Try the drinks today.

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