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A trip to an Asian country like Thailand reveals completely new cultures: Especially the completely different eating habits can hardly be compared to Germany. Also: In Thailand, food is really celebrated. Not necessarily as a decadent restaurant visit with the family, but often simply on the street, where you and your family can enjoy the delicacies of street food. And that day after day.

Find out now which delicacies you should not miss on your next trip to Thailand and why a 75-year-old girl makes headlines around the world.

Food culture in Thailand: There is so much love in Thai delicacies

Food in Thailand is not just about putting together delicious ingredients and arranging them to create a party for both residents and tourists. Not even close! In Thailand, food is community. Food connects: Before work, during work or after work, the Thais gather and celebrate their cuisine by setting the table generously with all kinds of salty and sweet things. And the most interesting: Here is shared. Anyone can try anywhere.

Always on board: rice. The delicious corn belongs in Thai cuisine as potatoes in German. Rice is considered the basis for curries or fried dishes, but is also served with desserts made from coconut milk. What is striking in Thailand is the diversity of flavors that a dish contains. Here it is common to combine sweet, sour, salty, hot and umami. In Germany one would say: “… a real taste explosion”.

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The 3 best street food you must try!

  1. Pad Thai: The flat rice noodle dish is considered a Thai national dish and should not be missed on a holiday. The noodles are fried in a wok with tofu or shrimp and served with sprouts, chili, peanuts and eggs. The sauce is the secret: it combines tamarind pasta with sugar and soy sauce (sour, sweet and salty).
  2. Sticky Rice with Mango: No one can avoid this dessert. Here, sticky rice – cooked in a sweet coconut sauce – meets fruity mango. The combination sounds strange at first, but definitely knocked off one or the other tourist’s shoes, it should be so delicious! By the way, the sticky rice comes with a slightly salty tone in the background. Here too: flavors in all dimensions.
  3. Satayspett: At every night market or in every corner there are small stalls with delicious skewers. These are then freshly prepared on a grill. Big favorite: chicken skewers with a rich peanut sauce. You often get a slice of toast for excess sauce and a small cucumber salad.

You can find more Thai specialties to cook at home in a number of cookbooks * online.

Highlight in Thailand: 75-year-old woman received a Michelin star

For many tourists in Thailand, there is a hotspot for street food: Jay Fay is 75 years old and stands out in Bangkok because of his look at his street food stand. She is wearing a hat, apron and ski goggles. Her booth achieved cult status thanks to her creation of a shrimp omelette. Her creations tasted good, especially to the inhabitants. In 2017, she surprisingly received a Milchelin star, the highest award for restaurateurs.

Since then, people from all over the world have flocked to her street food kiosk, where only she cooks. She insists on this in order to offer the best to every customer. Fay is convinced that she alone is responsible for making her delicacies taste so good. Thailand, Bangkok Located at 327 Mahachai Road in Samran Rat. But beware: get ready for long queues and long waiting times!

Street Food in Thailand: An experience for the palate

Thailand is known for its fantastic beaches. But if you like to travel and want to get to know new food cultures and discover new flavors for yourself, you have come to the right place: Street food in Thailand is delicious, tasty and pure tradition. The diversity of flavors can hardly be described, but must be experienced. There are also legendary star chefs like Jay Fai, who are shaking up the Asian culinary world.

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