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Drinking water wells and springs in Hesse

On hot days, they are often our salvation: public drinking water fountains. When we are out, we can just stick our mouths or water bottles underneath and freshen up on the go. And there are quite a few of them in Hesse …

You can actually enjoy the water without hesitation – at least if the water is fed from a pipe. In these cases, the water is of perfect drinking water quality. In addition, such wells are cleaned regularly. In Frankfurt, for example, there are such drinking fountains near the Zeil, on the “Freßgass” and opposite the central station.

But you can also cool off at drinking fountains in many other places in Hesse. But beware: When it comes to natural wells or wells that are far away, be sure to keep an eye out for signs that indicate if they are drinking water. In some cases, pipes or groundwater have become polluted over time. Our information is therefore without warranty.

The fountain in Frankfurt

Refreshments on hot days: new drinking water fountains in Frankfurt

Fountain in Wiesbaden

“fouling well”

The septic tank is a special property: because the thermal water is mixed with groundwater, it only has a temperature of 14 ° C. It gets its name from the dissolved hydrogen sulfide, which often smells rotten. The water is said to have a positive effect on the liver, bile and intestines. Therefore, it is suitable for drinking cures.

“cooking fountain”

Kochbrunnen is not only a landmark in the city, but also a popular destination for health-conscious people: Kranplatz is Wiesbaden’s most famous thermal spring in the city. Thermal water, which is said to have a whole range of health effects, rushes out of the source.

“Carl von Jbell” source

From Wiesbaden drive in the direction of Taunusstein and past the Jewish cemetery. Near the inn “Villa im Tal”, after about 500 meters you will find the fountain on the right. The water comes from the tap and is therefore safe to drink.


From Wiesbaden in the direction of Taunusstein, pass the cemetery and then turn right to the inn “fish farm”. From the car park it is almost 500 meters along a forest path, until you come to a sanctuary. After another 500 meters, the fountain is on the left.

Fountain in Main-Taunus

Healing springs in Bad Soden

Fountain fans will find what they are looking for in Baden Soden. At Franzensbader Platz, for example, there is a drinking fountain where three sources flow together: the milk fountain, the Justus von Liebig fountain and the hot fountain. All sources are therapeutic drinking sources. Other fountains in Bad Soden are the Champagne Fountain, the Wilhelm and Sulfur Fountains, the Bell Fountain and the Winkler Fountain in Wilhelmspark as well. “Neue Sprudel” in the old spa park – a thermal saline solution of fluorine and carbon dioxide.

Fountain in Giessen

“Ludwig’s Fountain”

On the AS6 “Schiffenberger Tal” drive in the direction of Watzenborn. After almost a kilometer there is a parking space on the left side. You can walk along the forest path to the “Academic Forest Garden”. Do not get confused: the first well on the road is no longer in operation. The spring itself is a few meters above the forest on a stone wall.

Fountain in Fulda

“Martiny Fountain” in Bad Salzschirf

This can be found at the “Badehof” hotel in Kurpark. The healing water is a sodium chloride acid, that is, a saline solution that contains iron and carbon dioxide. the The medicine water is distributed daily from 09.00 to 17.00.

“Fuldaquelle” at Wasserkuppe

The source is located below the designated car park “Fuldaquelle”, directly at Wasserkuppe.

“Ulster Spring” in Ehrenberg

This is located in Ehrenberg: from there you drive up to the car park “Moorwiese”. From there, follow the signposted hiking trail to “Ulsterquelle”. Next to the spring there is also a nice seating area for tired hikers.

Fountain in the district Wetterau

“Spa fountain” in Bad Nauheim

The spa fountain in Bad Nauheim has medicinal water with pharmacological efficacy and should therefore not be drunk daily as regular drinking water.

“Ludwig Fountain” in Bad Nauheim

The Ludwig well also donates medicinal water with pharmacological efficacy and should therefore not be drunk too often.

“Lejonkällan” in Schwalheim

From Bad Nauheim it goes to Schwalheim. There, turn right onto Brunnenstraße. After leaving the city, the “Sauerbrunnen” is on the right, right next to the restaurant “Brunnenwärterhaus”. The fountain is freely accessible and water can be bottled indefinitely.

“Hassia Sprudel” in Bad Vilbel

The spring has been owned by Hassia Mineralquellen since 1978. In 1955, the spring was officially recognized as a healing spring. Today, the Hassia-Sprudel medicinal water is used in two spa facilities for spa treatments. Above all, Hassia-Sprudel comes on the market as a natural mineral water and has been one of the most famous and popular German mineral waters for decades. Hassia sparkling water is also available by the fountain on the town hall bridge and in the pavilion of the Quellenhof pension complex.

Sources in Bad Salzhausen

In the early 19th century, the healing effects of springs and salt water were discovered. Even today, four sources are bubbling for those who are thirsty: the lithium source, the steel spring, the sulfur source and the Södergrund source. All sources are in Kurparken. Good to know: Bad Salzhausen is now one of the Hessian state health resorts.

Fountain in Waldeck-Frankenberg

Healing springs in Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen is a so-called spa with springs that contain minerals. In some regions of Germany you will find higher quality leakage sources. Reinhards-, Helenen-, Georg-Viktor- and Natur-Quelle are probably the most famous and popular leak sources in Bad Wildungen. It is not without reason that their water is bottled and exported to many countries around the world.

“Village fountain” in Edertal

The village fountain is located in Wesebach. The fountain is always accessible to the public. The healing water is said to be very refreshing and have a distinct taste.

Fountain in Kassel

Mineral fountain in Calden-Westuffeln

Just 20 kilometers from Kassel, 17 km away, you will find the “village community” of Calden: the fountain is directly behind it. Here you can drain the mineral water from Westuffelner Quellenbetriebe for free: The delicious mineral water Wilhelmstaler, Caldener and Johanniter.

“Lewalter Fountain” in Helsa

On the B7 east of Kassel, after almost 11 kilometers, turn off at the traffic light towards Helsa. After 1000 meters there is a forest path on the right side. A path leads parallel to the road 500 meters steeply to a sanctuary. The fountain is a few hundred meters below the refuge.

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