3 simple recipes for your Easter dinner during the holidays

16 April 2022 – 15:47 Look at The Easter bunny is standing (or jumping) in front of the door! And so begins the preparations for the big Easter dinner with the whole family. Not the easiest task: After all, everything should be perfect on holiday and no one should go home with a rumbling stomach. … Read more

The country tastes so good!

RTL>money> A trip to an Asian country like Thailand reveals completely new cultures: Especially the completely different eating habits can hardly be compared to Germany. Also: In Thailand, food is really celebrated. Not necessarily as a decadent restaurant visit with the family, but often simply on the street, where you and your family can enjoy … Read more

These refreshments are in vogue

RTL>money> 21 June 2022 – 17:24 Look at Whether it’s strawberries, apples or mangoes: fruity cold drinks are in high demand, especially in summer. Not weird: Finally, the drinks provide the necessary refreshment. Especially homemade, they taste incredibly good. You can now find out which drinks are in vogue right now again. Smoothie with a … Read more