Sustainability: New country department store for meat consumption with a clear conscience


Meat consumption with a clear conscience: the department store opens

The founding couple for “Ein Stück Land”: Hinrich Carstensen and Lina Kypke.

Photo: A piece of land

Start-up in Kayhude markets products that focus on species-specific cultivation. Limousine cattle for sale from a celebrity farmer.

Kayhude. High quality, regional, delicious – credo of “A bit of land”. That Joy start by Hinrich Carstensen and Lina Kypke im Kayhude District Naherfurth markets meat and meat products from regional farmers at reasonable prices – always with animal welfare in mind and organic farming. Now the start-up in the countryside is taking the next step. The country store in Naherfurth opens on Friday 24 June.

So far, Carstensen and Kypke have only sold meat in their “pantry”. Then small additions were made. And suddenly the premises were too small – so we moved. And once again, it turned out that the new premises are not really enough. So now the third move – but this time for real.

Sustainability: regional products in a department store

It all stays at the same address, but the “pantry” becomes just a department store now. – So far, we have supported small regional farmers by marketing their meat. But why should we not do the same for other small producers in the area? There are many good products that get far too little attention. ”

They should get the products both in the new “pantry” and in the future via the online marketplace for “Ein Stück Land”. Carstensen: “So that good products from the neighborhood become better known.”

Meat: Not only organic, but also incredibly tasty

The purpose is to market high quality food and later also kitchen utensils. The products must meet the requirements of “EinstückLand”. The aim is to produce as regionally and sustainably as possible and the food should not only be of high quality and “organic”, but also “incredibly good”.

The farm shop is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 10 am and 5 pm. The beef, pork and poultry, which you can only buy online in packages from “EinTeilLand”, are also available in small quantities in the farm shop, for example in the form of a roll minced meat. If you go further away to shop, you should bring a cooler, as the meat is only frozen. There will also be eggs, cheese, honey and many other regional products in the store.

Pleasure yes – but with quality and durability

“We want to be a meeting place for people who are enthusiastic about high-quality food,” says Lina Kypke. “Anyone who wants good hot chocolate, for example, should come to us and find out more and not just reach for the shelves in the supermarket and buy ready-made powder that contains a little chocolate.”

The previous customers of the “pantry” have shown that there are many people for whom quality, sustainability and enjoyment are important, says Carstensen. “And it is precisely these people that we want to give the opportunity to buy high-quality food.”

The opening of the farm shop will be a party for customers. From 12:00 to 19:00, you can revel in the store’s delicious products. “We will prepare and provide delicious food and drink. Various producers and suppliers have already agreed to offer tastings and to inform about their products. So it all becomes a mixture of information and enjoyment,” says Hinrich Carstensen.

Country Department Store: Inauguration with “Grill Master Class”

There will also be guided tours through “EinstückLand”‘s premises, which end with a small “Grill Master Class”. Carstensen and Kypke announce that the currently closed “dining room” – the restaurant in “EinTeilLand” – will be available to guests again in the near future. So there should be an evening and lunch menu here a few days a week. Tastings and lectures are also planned in collaboration with the farm shop.

The core product in the start-up remains meat. It comes, for example, from Galloway cattle from northern Germany that are bred in a species-adapted way. Just like Hinrich Carstensen’s parents’ farm. Like calves, the animals are not separated from their mothers, grow up in the herd and are out in the pasture 365 days a year. Hardly any extra feeding is done.

The prominent farmer Detlev Buck markets his Limousin cattle here

The animals are slaughtered only when all the meat has been sold. This should be a sign against meat waste and unnecessary animal killings. For this purpose, “EinstückLand” offers various meat packages containing steaks, steaks, sausages, rolls or minced meat and the meat from the animals is therefore widely marketed.

Hinrich Carstensen and Lina Kypke are in several respects closely associated with a particularly prominent farmer: the director, actor and producer Detlev Buck. When he is not in front of or behind the camera, he prefers to be in rubber boots and army parkas and look at his herd of limousine cattle in the pasture. Buck was looking for a suitable way to market his high quality meat and came across “EinstückLand”. Carstensen and Kypke were happy to have Buck meat in their product range.

Detlev Buck, on the other hand, was able to offer the two young entrepreneurs a solution to another problem. The young couple was looking for an apartment – and Buck still had something vacant on his farm in the Segeberg district. Now the business partners are also neighbors.

“EinstückLand” farm shop, Segeberger Strasse 121 in Kayhude-Naherfurth. Opening hours: Thurs + Fri + Sat, 10.00-17.00. Information and products at

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