Roast and good at Matjeskarre: New Matjes inspires the fans

Harburg – It’s finally here: On Harburg Weekly Market is this year on Thursday herring season has been opened. At the original Dutch herring wagon Har Anushka log house together with her son Edgar the first barrels opened. A moment that not only many Harburgers have been waiting for – finally there are fresh matjes from Holland again at Harburg’s weekly market.

And the experts and gourmets already agree on one point: the quality of the specialty from Holland is incredibly good. The fillets are tender and fatty, they literally melt in your mouth.

At Anuschka Blockhaus from Harburg’s weekly market, you can get herring just as the gourmets love it: filleted by hand in front of customers. And that makes it a real exception, as most retailers sell double fillets supplied by wholesalers.

And there is more good news: After two years of restrictions due to Corona, customers can try Matjes again this year. The plate with the samples is ready again. In addition, the food specialties can now be eaten again on site at the bistro tables.

In addition, price increase within the framework of the previous year “Even though the Dutch had announced a substantial price increase before the start of the season, the sales price of Matjeskarre has only increased moderately.” says Anushka log house opposite harburg-current. The fillet is 10 cents and the whole matjes 20 cents more expensive than last year. A file thus costs 1.30 euros and the whole herring costs two euros.

Of course, this also pleases the customers: “The first matjes are always something very special”, says Horst Schaekel from Eissendorf, who after the tasting enthusiastically judged: “It really is delicious!” A real “must” for gourmets this year is of course also Apple onion cream sauce and that Remoulad. Both sauces are made fresh daily by the Blockhaus family.

The specialty from Holland is sold on the food cart until around the end of August. Anuschka Blockhaus and her team are always on the weekly market on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. (cb)

Fruit trader Dirkfeint enjoys herring in the traditional Dutch way Photo: Christian Bittcher

New Matjes is here: A queue was quickly formed at Matjeskarre. Photo: Christian Bitcher

“Delicious!” Horst Schäkel from Eißendorf is enthusiastic about this year’s matjes to taste. Photo: Christian Bitcher

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