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Hardly any vegetable is as versatile as peppers. The skis taste fantastically raw, cooked, grilled or fried. At the same time, they are very healthy. Tips for shopping and storage as well as recipes.

They are available on the market in red, yellow, orange, green or even purple, such as elongated pointed peppers and squat tomato peppers. The variety of peppers is very large. The color of the vegetables changes depending on how ripe they are. Green peppers are harvested unripe and have a slightly sour aroma, later it turns yellow or orange and the aroma becomes milder. Red pepper is ripe and tastes slightly sweet. Depending on the variety, purple or orange peppers may already be ripe.

Spicy peppers should be distinguished from sweet peppers. It is usually found with us in ground form in the flavors sweet, warm or smoked and is made from dried pods.

Buy peppers

Green peppers are harvested when they are still unripe. They have a nice, slightly bitter aroma.

When you buy the tubs, they should be firm, have a nice shine and not show any dents. The stem should also look fresh and not dried out. The vegetables do not ripen, so a green tub stays green. Peppers are one of the vegetables that are always included in samples increased levels of pesticides have been noted. Some of these substances not only stick to the surface, but can also penetrate the vegetable, making it impossible to wash them off. If you want to be on the safe side, it is better to use organically grown peppers.

Store and freeze peppers properly

It is best to store peppers cool and dark, if possible not in the fridge – there the temperatures are too low. A temperature of around 10 degrees is ideal for vegetables that are sensitive to cold. The skis last for up to two weeks. A pepper that has already been cut can also be stored. Then it is best to store it in a plastic container in the refrigerator and use it within four days. Peppers can also be frozen – raw, cleaned and portioned into pieces or strips – but it loses much of its crunchiness. Once thawed, the vegetables are more suitable for cooking than being eaten raw.

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Peel the peppers and prepare them deliciously

Before processing, first remove the core housing together with the white partitions and wash thoroughly. Then cut into cubes or strips. Due to their indigestible, firm skin, peppers sometimes feel heavy in the stomachs of sensitive people. Then it is appropriate to scale them. Use either a vegetable peeler or pour boiling water over the peppers, let stand for a short while and rinse with cold water. The skin then peels off easily. For some dishes, such as antipasti, it is also appropriate to remove the skin. To do this, briefly roast in the oven under the grill until the skin is almost black. It can then be easily peeled off, and the vegetables get a lovely roasted aroma at the same time.

Put peppers in oil

If you want to pickle peppers in oil, you should also first grill them in the oven and then peel them. Then salt and season well, add herbs and garlic to taste and fill in glasses. Then top up with olive oil. Pickled peppers are a delicious barbecue dish. They last up to two weeks in a jar.

Stuffed peppers, goulash and ratatouille – three classics

Hardly any vegetable can be used in the kitchen as versatile as peppers. It tastes fantastic raw with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables, but also in combination with pasta, rice or potatoes. Peppers taste as good as a fried vegetable, short-fried, grilled or braised.

Stuffed peppers with feta cheese and minced meat on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann

Whether it is minced meat or vegetarian with vegetables and rice – stuffed peppers are among the classic oven dishes.

Stuffed peppers are a classic. To do this, either cut the capsules in half or cut off a top below the stem. Fill the inside with a minced meat mixture or vegetarian, for example with vegetable rice, to taste. Then put the pepper lid back on the vegetables and braise in the oven in tomato sauce or broth. Another traditional dish with peppers is goulash, where the vegetables are cooked with tomatoes, onions, beef and a lot of paprika powder. In the vegetable classic ratatouille, peppers play the main role along with aubergines and zucchini.

Peppers are very healthy

Peppers are not only extremely versatile, the vegetable is also very useful. Especially red peppers contain a lot of vitamin C. The vegetables are also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and zinc. The constituent phytochemicals have an anti-inflammatory effect, the dietary fiber has a positive effect on digestion.

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