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It is not for nothing that people around the Mediterranean are said to live longer and healthier lives. The fresh ingredients and recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine are versatile and easy to cook.

Vacation by the fireplace? No problems with Mediterranean cuisine. Especially in the summer, fresh and light ingredients can be bought and cooked in no time. You do not even have to decide on a national cuisine, you can choose between Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Turkish – or how about a culinary trip to Israel?

These ingredients are used in Mediterranean cuisine

Instead of butter and margarine, Mediterranean cuisine primarily uses high-quality olive oil.

The Mediterranean diet, also known as the Mediterranean diet or the Cretan diet, is characterized by a balanced diet. Everything that is fresh and healthy can go in the pot, pan or oven: with a focus on vegetables and fruit, vegetable oils and nuts, legumes, grains, herbs, seafood, the selection in the store or on the weekly market can already be different to be difficult . Dairy products, meat and wine should only be consumed infrequently and in small quantities. Industrially processed products are not on the menu at all.

Simple and quick dishes for all tastes

Sliced ​​bread with wild garlic pesto, some wild garlic leaves in the background.  © Colourbox

Herbs, olive oil, garlic, nuts and a nice piece of parmesan – that’s all you need for a fantastic pesto.

It does not matter if you are a hobby chef or a gourmet: Mediterranean cuisine can be wonderfully integrated into any kitchen routine. The preparation of many dishes is quick and easy and the various dishes can be prepared without much effort. Simply pan or grill a fish fillet, along with a good tomato salad with a nice buffalo mozzarella, virgin olive oil and fresh herbs. Or do you prefer a good portion of pasta with homemade pesto? There are no limits to creativity here – and with just a few ingredients.

Why Mediterranean cuisine is so healthy

A Mediterranean diet not only tastes good, but is also extremely healthy. For example, the German Society for Nutrition e. V. that the Mediterranean diet compared to eight other diets works best against type 2 diabetes mellitus. In addition, it strengthens the healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber found in many of the foods used by the immune system, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

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