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June 3, 2022

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A new plant-based alternative to meat and poultry conquers Switzerland: Luya Foods launches its first products in Schweizer smilefood eggsretail. luya is in over 130 coopsbranches and i cooponline store available.

Bernstartupen provides natural food from saved organicokara, a by-product of soy milk and tofu production, here. What in difference macht: Luya is healthy and sustainable. The patented manufacturing does the food is especially tasty and juicy.

Switzerland is open to plant-based nutrition. Over a million People are already giving up in whole or in part, 12 times a week, on meat. Exactly for these people are made by Luya. It is a new, gently processed alternative for everyone who eats forward-looking and sustainable, but not to taste and wants to give up the pleasure.

Luya sett entirely on Okara, which is quite little known so far. “That The product is created when processing soybeans into soy milk and is therefore one part of the tofu production, ”says Flavio Hagenbuch, co-founder of Luya Foods. creature Startup nuses okara from swiss organictofu manufacturers. At Luya in Bern, there will be one traditional, gentle fermentation further refined into tasty food.

luya matburgare
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Juicier, juicier, Luya

Fermented Okara is a new ingredient in the vegetable markethe meat options. the Chunks, nuggets and burgersSteaks from Luya take vegan enjoyment to a new level Level: Because they have even compared to many well-known meats and compensation for poultry a juicy texture and an intensesiven own taste. That way, they do not have to be overcooked. Luya is also rich in fiber, has a complete protein profile with all nine essentials Amino acids and contains easily absorbed iron. The Luya food is 100% natural, vegan and was strictly organicThe bid mark is assigned.

Resource-saving Swiss production

Luya Foods makes an important contribution to food waste: “We use the mass of the soybean used in the manufacture of Tofu and soy milk left. Together with organicWe refine our Luya with chickpeas in a patented fermentation process a high-quality and delicious food “, says Tobi Kistler, co-founder of Luya. “For Humanity This creates a new delicious plantn-based food. It even pays triple sustainable for the environment: With BioSet okara from Swiss tofu producers we on short transport routes. By using the by-product, we almost need 50% less area. ”

And also the carbon footprint is impressive: Luya produces significantly less CO2 compared to producing the same amount of meat and meat substitute. Luya received points in all four sustainability categories (CO2 balance, Animal welfare, water consumption and Schutz of the rainforest) from Eaternity max 3 received a star award.

luya mat
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New taste experiences

BionChunks, nuggets and burgersSteaks by Luya are not only healthy and sustainable, pThey also whet the appetite for tasty preparations. Because they are fine with theirs Taste can be used in a variety of recipes.

Luya is available in different flavors:

  • Garden herbs fresh, with fine garden herbs and a light citrus tone, perfect for Salads, curries or wok.
  • BBQ Versatile, subtly smoky, with BBQ marinade and nobler paprikanot. Nice as a barbecue skewer in Zürisliced, in stroganoff, i taco or woka.
  • Or nature nutty, slightly sweet, umami. Super versatile, something like that Swiss Army knife among the alternatives to meat. To marinate yourself or for a Thai green curry, ZüriSliced, breaded and aubaked.

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