Low in calories, nutritious and delicious: This is why you should reach for the tomato

Why tomato is the regional all-rounder

Tomatoes are extremely healthy. They contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and a variety of plant ingredients and fruit acids, which have positive effects on our health. Lycopene, which is one of the antioxidants, is responsible for the red color of the tomato. Lycopene is especially valuable for humans and can protect against heart disease. By the way, tomatoes are officially a fruit and not a vegetable.

Talk to a tomato grower

We asked the Dutch tomato grower Jos van Mil what makes the domestic plant so unique, how the varieties differ and if there really is a “tomato science”. To make the tomato even more famous, Jos van Mil founded the information center and greenhouse “Tomatoworld” and today is happy to reveal the secrets of the tomato plant.

Tomatoes have everything: variety, health, taste

Every German eats an average of 25 kg of tomatoes a year. This makes the tomato the Germans’ favorite vegetable. Jos van Mil explains this success with the variety and unique taste of the tomato. It can be processed into many products, from juice to jam. So there is something for everyone!

When it comes to the subject of health, Jos van Mil also emphasizes the lycopene found here. It belongs to the carotenoids and is an important cell protection, which plays an important role for our skin and our cardiovascular system. There are also many minerals and vitamins.

Many factors determine the taste of the tomato, on the one hand sweetness or acidity are crucial. On the other hand, juiciness and firmness must also be well balanced. Of course, there is a “tomato science” for this as well.

For example, Wageningen University has been researching the perfect taste of tomatoes for many years to continue developing new varieties. For this, a taste panel is used where experts and consumers test which varieties and flavors they particularly like. The results then flow into the breeding of new varieties.

Finally, Jos van Mil reveals the discovery of recent years: the snack tomato! It has been developed to motivate children to eat more vegetables and less sweets. The small tomato is characterized by its extra sweetness and is exactly a bite. Perfect for a small snack in between. The practical packaging cup is also ideal for snacking on the go.

More information about the tomato and fantastic recipes can be found at: www.tomateninfo.de.

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