Lifestyle must: The coolest new products for June

What sophisticated lifestyle gadgets do people really need? The GALA editorial staff takes on new products and tests the most promising lifestyle innovations every month.

We are constantly informed about new units that will revolutionize our lives. But what lifestyle innovations really make sense? The GALA editorial staff helps you keep track of things in the fitness, health and lifestyle sectors and presents useful products every month. Our lifestyle must-haves are rated according to use, handling and effect.

In June, we tested fantastic and exciting innovations again:

On your marks, get ready, go on the suitcase

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Product: BedBox Jetkids from Stokke

Award: 179 euros

To use: The bed box from Jetkids on Stokke is a hand luggage bag for children to travel by plane or train. On the one hand, the children’s toys can easily be stowed in it, on the other hand, the case offers the opportunity to transform an economy chair into a first-class child seat. In addition, children can sit on the suitcase and pull or push themselves with their legs. The suitcase holds 20 liters and weighs 3 kilos. So when the BedBox is delivered, it comes with the travel bag, mattress and side cushions that make the seat comfortable, an adjustable shoulder strap and two sheets of stickers – so that the children can decorate their case.

Application: When the suitcase is closed, children can sit comfortably on it – one leg to the left, one leg to the right and away. The lid can be removed by pressing the button on the left and right and then pulling it up along the plastic rods – this was a little harder and stuck a bit. The lid can then be placed opposite on the two rods and fixed with the buttons. How to get a shelf. This can be extended with an excerpt. The BedBox can be adapted to different heights on seats and seats in aircraft, but also in trains, which extends the seating area. The supplied cushions are attached to the case and placed on the seat.

Conclusion: The case has a nice look and seems stable. The wheels are easy to move and there were no problems when pulling the little test person or driving around with it. This is what kids will appreciate most about this product – driving around. The carrying strap is easy to hook in, but shifts slightly when you carry it. Since the entire case is made of plastic, it is sometimes a little difficult to loosen the lid because both buttons on the right and left must be pressed in at the same time and the material is not so flexible. Overall, however, it is a good product that will sweeten the children’s flight or train journey. At least no one can then complain of aching feet, except the parents who have to pull the little ones.

The better option

Colleague Lara loves it vegetable - and tries her hand at all the assortments.

Colleague Lara loves it vegetable – and tries her hand at all the assortments.

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Product: Greenforce easy to mix burgers

Award: 4.99 euros, 150g net filling weight gives about 450g prepared mass

To use: Ready-made mix for cooking vegan hamburger steaks, without preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Application: Thoroughly mix 150g finished mixture with 300ml very cold water. Let the burger mass swell in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Shape about 5-6 burger steaks from the burger mass depending on the desired size. Heat cooking oil in a non-stick pan and fry the burgers on both sides for 3-4 minutes on low to medium heat. Done!

Conclusion: Many substitute products are good and taste like meat, but when you look at the list of ingredients, which is often longer than Hollywood productions, you lose your appetite – after all, you often can not even half of the ingredients. Here the lists are short and a real advantage is that you can easily store the mixtures in the pantry, where they stay for a while. It is easy to mix and the steaks taste super good!

Is it really alcohol free?

Katlenburger Strawberry Punch in tested

Editor Lena is enthusiastic about the non-alcoholic refreshment.

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Product: Non-alcoholic strawberry punch from Katlenburger

Award: € 2.99

To use: A delicious drink that makes you fresh and alert the next day instead of with an annoying hangover.

Application: You really need no need for this fruity strawberry punch. It fits everything and is super refreshing. Whether for a short visit with friends or for brunch with the family – this drink is a plus for any summer activity: for a barbecue, a visit to the beach or a picnic. The best thing about it: When the sun is almost too much for your head, then the punch does not come on top! Because the refreshment is completely alcohol-free.

Results: At the test with friends, the first reaction was: “Doesn’t it taste like alcohol?” The bottle was lifted and inspected. But actually: It was not a mistake on the supermarket shelf, but an alcohol-free variant. The strawberry punch has a very pleasant sweetness that does not exaggerate and is also balanced with a light acid that harmonizes very well with the strawberry taste. A refreshing treat that will definitely be on the shopping list again for the next barbecue night.

Wow, delicious! Dog food can be so good!

Balou joins the ranks of hard-working testers: Can the product convince him?

Balou joins the ranks of hard-working testers: Can the product convince him?

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Product: Senior dog food Free range turkey and sustainable trout from Goood Petfood

Award: 1.8 kg dry food € 10.99 / 400 g wet food € 3.28

To use: Good food for the senior and good conscience for the other end.

Application: Open the package or jar, fill the dog bowl and see how it tastes.

Conclusion: Our meanwhile rather tricky Senior-Vizla-Mix did not leave my side when I opened the package and would certainly have eaten more than the recommended amount of food – a very clear YES from him!

We wanted to take the food change slowly – digestion and all that … no chance, the senior insisted on the new delicious food. And tolerated it very well. The promise on the website that the recipes take into account the needs of dogs at different stages of life – in our case a senior with a sensitive stomach – was fulfilled perfectly.

The meat comes from certified free-range cultivation, the trout from sustainable cultivation and the vegetable ingredients are mostly regional. The dry food packaging is recyclable and, according to the manufacturer, I support with every kilo of food for my four-legged friend social and sustainable projects worldwide. It feels good. This aspect combined with a very happy dog ​​definitely justifies the slightly higher price.

PS: The soft treats with lamb, chicken and trout are also very popular and super soft.

Nice water source

Fashion and beauty editor Jessica discovered Aarke Purifier for her home office.

Fashion and beauty editor Jessica discovered Aarke Purifier for her home office.

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Product: Carafe with water filter Aarke Purifier from Aarke

Award: 125 euros

To use: No plastic carafe, no plastic cartridges. Instead, Aarke Purifier has a refillable filter insert in stainless steel and filter granules in practical refill bags.

Application: The granulate is filled into the filter insert and lasts for up to four weeks.

Conclusion: The water filter is used every day on my desk in my home office. It is not only super practical and saves costs, but also looks very stylish and of high quality!

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