Kirchweih Nordostbahnhof 2022: With beer and brass bands – Nürnberg, N-Nordost, Nordostbahnhof

– The church mass has started again: the next station is Nordostbahnhof. There will be celebrations from June 16 to June 20.

It should be exciting and entertaining, and also good and good: The South German Showmen’s Association invites you to the fair Nordostbahnhof.

This begins on Corpus Christi Day (June 16) and runs until Monday, June 20. It starts on Thursday at 11.30 with Transylvanian brass band. At 6 pm, the beer will be bottled with Roland Country & More. On Friday, Saturday and Monday there is a church mass from 1 pm, Sunday from 11 am. In the evening it runs until 10.30 pm.

Musical entertainment will be provided by Mr. Brown & Friends on Friday (from 14.00), on Saturday by the ACDC cover band (from 18.00) and on Sunday by Roland Country & More (from 12.00). Until Monday, the organizers promise to end with colorful life and movement with live music from 12.00.

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