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When the asparagus harvest season begins in mid-April in this country, most farms in Bremen hardly notice anything. The most stressful weeks of the year only start on one farm: at Bea Kaemena in Bremen’s Oberneuland district. With the hostess in this episode “How good is it ?!” grows the only asparagus in the whole state of Bremen. The soil on her farm is drier and sandier than on the surrounding wet heathland, where cows graze comfortably. As a result, Bea and her husband Hajo have optimal conditions for growing their favorite vegetables on their farm. With asparagus, Bea would like to win “How good is that ?!” Cook.

In addition to asparagus, strawberries also grow in their premises. But that’s not all: visitors can discover lots of wildflowers in different corners. What started with a small flower meadow next to the field has now become a wild meadow project with more than three hectares of flowering areas. Where otherwise only grain would have grown, humming and nesting now all sorts of insects. Especially the wild bees, some of which are threatened with extinction, find a new habitat with Kaemenas. A heart project that Bea would like to present to her guests.

For her guests, Bea has come up with a menu with some unusual asparagus varieties. As a welcome, there is bruschetta, which Bea rubbed with garlic beforehand and roasted in the pan, with a really fruity mixture of raw thin ham, fresh strawberries and green asparagus, also roasted in the pan. For the main course, Bea’s pasta machine is used, with which she presses the freshly kneaded pasta dough into the desired shape: fettuccine. She serves the oblong noodles with green and white asparagus, which this time comes out of the oven. Of course, a real asparagus dish also needs a creamy hollandaise sauce. In the Kaemena house, however, it does not come out of a bag but is touched by hand. Bea also uses the white sticks for dessert. She cooks the unmistakable aroma of asparagus peel in her crème brûlée. There is also a vanilla cake with fruity strawberry buttercream and a tasty chocolate truffle praline with hints of vodka. An exciting menu, all about asparagus. Is that enough for Bea to win?

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