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How good is that ?! – This is how northern cooks

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East from the Frisian Caribbean

To the finale of the first season of “How Delicious Is It ?!” Jens Hartmann must prove himself in the kitchen. And Jens lives in the Caribbean, at least in “Frisian Caribbean”. His homeland is the North Frisian island of Föhr. There he has his island cheese dairy and provides islanders and tourists with delicious homemade cheese in a variety of varieties directly from the farm. In “How good is it ?!” as the last host he wants to show that he can do much more in the kitchen besides cheese and wants to prepare for victory with his menu!

The sunny weather, the pleasant climate and the long white sandy beaches, the similarities with the Caribbean are not completely out of nowhere. But Föhr has much more to offer. After all, there are cozy sun loungers or an island ride in a horse and carriage. Jens, who also speaks Frisian at home, wants to show his guests the diversity in his home country. He was born on the island and met his wife Ina here. With her he has two daughters. A few years ago, he took over the cheese dairy for his parents, Helga and John, who are still actively involved in the family business.

Of course, the islanders start their menu with the house’s specialty: cheese! Jens serves it on skewers with grapes and tomatoes, along with homemade herb bread with paprika minced cheese. For the main course, Jens lights up the grill and puts a good piece of roast beef from his own beef on until it is perfectly cooked. Final values ​​serve the juicy, beautifully grilled meat with baked potatoes and crunchy carrots in a homemade Gorgonzola sauce.

For dessert, Jens brings a piece of Frisian (family) tradition to his plate. He serves his guests Lisenkuken according to Grandma Ida’s recipe, it is small homemade wafers that together with a delicious raspberry meringue form a harmonious finish to the menu.

Jens will soon find out how his cooking skills have been received by Anna, Bea and Henning on Föhrerstranden. There, the best amateur chef in the north will be named the grand finale! Who takes the title?


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