Grilling useful and good: “Woman at the grill” shows how it works

Anja Würfl has been known as the woman at the grill for almost five years now. Manage a wolf in the kitchen, tame a fire in the garden or sweat in sportswear on the carpet. She is a versatile talent and a real power woman.

Anja’s passion is sports: She does not only train fitness, pilates and aerobics. She is also a coach and has a coaching license.

Anja did not just turn sports from her hobby into a profession. Nutrition has always played a role in her life. Her most important principle has always been to eat and enjoy without giving up.

So together with her husband Matthias, she started a blog that later became the grill and food magazine “die Frau am Grill” and the YouTube channel of the same name. Here she provides her followers with a variety of barbecue and cooking recipes several times a week.

Anja Würfl did an exclusive interview with FITFORFUN and prepared a delicious summer stew for you that suits all tastes.

FIT FOR FUN: How did the introductory blog “Salz und Pfeffer” come about and how did the YouTube channel and the BBQ and food magazine “die Frau am Grill” come about?

Anja Würfl: I am a passionate fitness trainer and quickly got the urge to offer nutritional content on my website to draw people outside my customer base to me and my activities.

Fitness and cooking are always topics that go well together. Especially barbecue recipes were very popular, so at first I specialized entirely in the field of grilling, because the subject has always fascinated me.

After I got the nickname “the woman at the grill”, I separated my training activities from cooking and grilling and the independent grill and food magazine was born.

SUITABLE FOR FUN: What recipes do you focus on?

Anja Würfl: It must be said that grilled recipes are the most popular on our YouTube channel. In the blog, on the other hand, we also offer vegetarian dishes for all tastes. The audience accepts the vegetarian recipes on our blog better than on YouTube.

FIT FOR FUN: What role does sustainability in cooking and grilling play for you?

Anja Würfl: For us, sustainability plays a major role in cooking and consuming meat. The subject is becoming more and more current and important, therefore also for us and for our society. We are very attentive to where the meat comes from and get it primarily from home slaughter.

It is also very important for us to process the whole animal and not just use the fillet pieces. We also train to do without, as there are many other plant-based sources of protein that you can use to avoid malnutrition.

FIT FOR FUN: From the beginning, did you want to create a magazine with something for everyone?

Anja Würfl: For YouTube, it quickly became clear that it was primarily about grilling. But since our channel should be for everyone, we show vegetarian recipes in our magazine.

The recipes and topics meat and grilling are of course most popular among readers. For me, however, it is more than just presenting a work. Accessories and sauces also play a role. It makes it more versatile and healthier.

FIT FOR FUN: How laborious is the blog and YouTube channel for you now?

Anja Würfl: The blog and YouTube channel are very labor intensive, but it’s just our dream. I still offer training courses online in the mornings and evenings, which gives me a good balance.

We have a 24/7 everyday life. It requires a lot of us, but gives all the more. Something is published at least 2 to 3 times a week. The recipe is not enough.

We film, prepare, separate and take care of social media. My husband Matti is primarily responsible for SEO and since I have an art degree I can benefit from my knowledge when it comes to design.

FIT FOR FUN: To what extent has the blog and YouTube channel changed since its inception?

Anja Würfl: We started with good recipes at home. So we went in a more traditional way and sometimes cooked more unusual dishes from the past, like lungs.

The reason for this was that we simply wanted to get the use of the whole animal back in the foreground. There were also recipes from my grandmother. Over time, more exotic and versatile recipes were added.

FIT FOR FUN: Do you see a connection between your passions for grilling and sports?

Anja Würfl: I have recipes with me that combine well with fitness, but also some that are not made for the fitness blog. “Eat your stupid stew”, for example, is not relevant.

These two directions can only be partially combined. But for me, it is always important to keep in mind that the dose makes the poison and that you can also treat yourself to something to balance your physical activity. Simply enjoy.

FIT FOR FUN: How do you combine all this?

Anja Würfl: We live for our work. We live at home and also work here. After work, for example, we continue with a glass of wine on our balcony in the summer and we brainstorm new ideas.

But it is also simply fun for us to invest all our energy in the work. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


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