From hand to mouth

In order not to be just a memory, it is best to take a closer look at the cultivation of sweet fruit. “The scent of self-harvested fruit that has just been spoiled by the sun is simply unbeatable,” says gardener Barbara Thon from Vorwerk Garden World in Rastede. There are a large number of suitable plants here and you can certainly find what you are looking for in Oldenburg’s villa garden. In both Loeschau’s garden centers, the competent team naturally provides valuable planting tips.

Cherries from our own harvest are simply delicious. (Image: Pixabay)

Carry in between

Even on the smallest balcony, raspberries & co are guaranteed to find a place – and thus make all small and large sweet tooths happy. The sweet fruits can also be used very well in a pot or bucket and are also very easy to care for. If you invest in a tall stalk, you can, for example, plant strawberries underneath. “These are pure sweets on two levels,” says Barbara Thon. Even for children, it is always good to see where the fruit actually comes from and how it grows. And of course there is nothing fresher and healthier. ” If you do not have a large garden available, there are special small varieties.

“The Brazil berry from Ammerland, for example, is very popular. It is available in raspberries and blueberries – the latter also in different varieties.” Fortunately, most fruits are relatively easy to care for. – A little water, a little fertilizer and sunshine – that’s actually it, says plant expert Barbara Thon. Of course, the right location is also crucial for good growth. Of course, in Vorwerk’s garden world in Rastede you will also find a large number of larger fruit trees, espalier fruits and shrubs for a lush harvest.

They also fit well in a bucket on the terrace: wonderfully sweet strawberries. (Image: Pixabay)

Raised bed provides snail protection

Not only do we humans love the sweet fruit, snails also like to attack it with several. A raised bed provides special protection here. As it is available in different sizes and materials, it can fit in the large garden as well as on the balcony and terrace.


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