“Beneath the cobwebs and dust hides many a treasure waiting to be waxed, not axed!”

I trained in decorative paint techniques and design over ten years ago and love finding unusual or quirky items that I can transform into unique or statement pieces for the home.

Each item gets a complete top to toe make over- I clean, repair and remove old varnish and paints before painting and decorating each item individually. I love to add unexpected, decorative details such as a hidden panel inside a cabinet or a trompe l’oeil design of an old key, inside a drawer.  This makes each item I renovate as unique as the tree that provided the wood.

Did you know that wood is living matter so, even if it’s more than 100 years since it was part of a tree, it can always be revived or repaired with a little TLC!

Love the planet- love vintage. ?


Drab to fab GB
Adding a secret panel to an Oriental cabinet
drab to fab gb
trompe l’oeil pearls
drab to fab gb
trompe l’oeil with vintage feathers and keys




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