Do we have to tremble for our Christmas trees? Growers need to water young trees

Gerald Mai in his spruce plantation near Plötzin: The Nordmann spruce looks beautifully green. dpa / Sören Stache

The construction worker on the roof apparently got a little too much heat last Saturday when he welded roofing felt and whistled a Christmas carol. It’s just over six months to the festival. Given the weather, one can be worried not only for the builders but for the Christmas trees. Will they become wretched scoundrels?

Drought is a challenge for Christmas trees

In fact, the Berlin-Brandenburg Horticultural Association appreciates that the persistent drought is a challenge for Brandenburg spruce growers. But: “But the Christmas trees of the future are growing”, said CEO Andreas Jende.

The spruces and spruces primarily need water for their shoots to grow. The ground must be well supplied with water, Jende said. It worked well in the winter and early spring because there were no severe frosts.

Soft, green and good: Therefore, the future Christmas trees must be fenced

The growth phase is now ongoing until the end of June. Then begins the phase of hardening and staining of the young shoots, which ends in late July.

Large Nordmann spruces fetch their water from the depths

According to CEO Gerald Mai, water shortages are not currently a problem at the Werderaner Tannenhof. “But we provide the young trees with a service water system,” he said. Without those who do not consume drinking water, it would be problematic. Older and larger trees, however, usually manage on their own – for example Norway spruces, which thanks to the taproot can also get water from greater depths. “Basically, of course, we would like more rainfall,” he said.

In his business, the trees have developed young, bright shoots that can also be used for spruce liqueur or salads. “You look good too,” Mai said. The young shoots would be a coveted treatment for deer. But the approximately 70 hectares are well fenced, so that the road to the feed is blocked.

According to the State Office for Statistics, almost 60 companies in the state had Christmas trees on almost 600 hectares last year. In 2020, there were 51 farms that cultivated 524 hectares. Six nurseries produce plants on about 4.2 hectares.

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