Do not eat ketchup: sauce is a real miracle cure in the household

Ketchup is an all-rounder: on fries, burgers, sausages and as a cleanser. You read that right! Ketchup removes various discolorations – even on the head.

Dortmund – fries with ketchup. Delicious! Pasta with ketchup. Delicious! Clean with ketchup. Good! That’s right, the red sauce is not only good, but also a real miracle cure in the household and even on the hair – and for just a few pennies. We reveal the tricks.

spice sauce Ketchup
components Sugar, tomato puree, vinegar, table salt and spices
use Often in the fast food sector, but also in everyday cooking

Ketchup as a household product: household problem solver for just a few pennies

Ketchup does not only belong on burgers, french fries and pasta at the end of the month. Ketchup can solve smaller and larger household problems. For example, in the kitchen – a home game for the red sauce. A black-brown layer forms on the bottom of pots over time, can be noisy picture a little ketchup helps.

To do this, simply spread a layer of ketchup on the bottom of the pot and let it work for a while. After 30 minutes, you can wipe off the spice sauce and the ugly coating in the pot. What is this magic? It depends on the acetic acid it contains. Stainless steel pots are usually coated with a layer of copper, and copper oxide is formed during cooking. This is dissolved by acetic acid. Apple peel has the same effect.

Ketchup: Remove rust film with sauce and make dirty jewelry shine

A dollop of ketchup on rust film is worth adding to the bratwurst instead. The good tomato sauce should be loud Colorful also fight rust. To do this, rub the affected areas thoroughly with ketchup, leave for at least ten minutes and wipe dry. To prevent rust film from forming on, for example, cutlery, it is worth putting some aluminum foil in the dishwasher’s cutlery drawer.

An occasional ketchup treatment is also good for other metals – it does not matter which brand is used. Dirty necklaces, rings and other jewelry should regain their luster after being bathed in ketchup for a while. According to various council portals, ten minutes should be enough. Leave on, wash off and scrub away any residue with an old toothbrush.

Ketchup on the head: sauce can save hair color

Brass door handles are also happy about a ketchup shower. The principle is the same: apply, let it work, wash off and enjoy shiny door handles. The living newspaper Beautiful accommodation recommends that you leave it on for an hour.

Now it comes to a very special mess: For ketchup can also help the hair. More specifically the hair color. From time to time it happens that brown or bleached hair tends to get a light green shade. To get it out again, you can use pharmacy and hairdressing products – or even ketchup.

Ketchup is not only good on french fries – the sauce is an all-rounder in the household.

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Ketchup treatment for the hair removes irritating green plaster

A principle that hairdressers also work by: you can use the complementary color (the color that is opposite to another on the color wheel) to even out a color scale in the hair. The complementary color of the unloved green is red – ketchup red. This is also explained by hairdresser influencer Dejan Garz.

The flu recommends that you apply ketchup to your hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Only blondes with very light hair should therefore be careful, as the hair may absorb a little too much of the red in the ketchup. Users should not just expect a care effect. By the way: shampoo is also an excellent cleanser.

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