Delicious and light: “Buon Gusto” – the new Pinsa factory in Pforzheim – service

Fifteen years ago, brothers Giuseppe and Daniele Barletta emigrated to Germany with their families to establish themselves here and to take advantage of the German prospects for a better economic future. And both have turned their professional opportunities into successful projects. Now they want to give something back to their new home, something for body and sea: culinary delights from their old home in Calabria and delicious Pinsa specialties.

Enjoy healthy – a pint is more digestible than a classic pizza. Photo: Buon Gusto

Pinsa variant also gluten-free and vegan

“I am not a pizza, I am a Pentecost” – that is the motto under which delicious and especially wholesome Pentecost creations and other Italian specialties are now served in the “Buon Gusto” Pentecostal factory on Zähringerallee 9 in Pforzheim. All in the finest quality and with fresh ingredients, even directly from Calabria. In addition to classic Pentecost and special Pentecostal variants, “Buon Gusto” also offers vegan, gluten-free or sweet Pentecost specialties and a large selection of Italian antipasti with perfectly marinated vegetables and delicacies from Mediterranean salami and ham as well as delicious, healthy salads. And right now you can enjoy the outdoor area in a particularly relaxed way. A freshly mixed, ice-cold cocktail should not be missed in a convivial gathering in the open air.

Antipasti – it’s the taste of Italy on a platter. Photo: Buon Gusto

Why not try a Pentecost instead of a pizza? Pentecost dough has much fewer calories than the classic pizza dough. The secret of this lightness lies in the much longer fermentation time, which makes the dough easier to melt and thus more useful. Reason enough to try this Italian specialty.

Pinseria “Buon Gusto” is open on Mondays and from Wednesday to Sunday from 17.30 to 22.00 and on Sundays also from 12.00 to 14.00. Tuesday is a day of rest. More information is available at Instagram during @buon_gusto_pf

Enjoy the evening relaxed and have a cocktail – in the outdoor area of ​​Pinseria “Buon Gusto” you can celebrate the end of the day with pleasure. Photo: Buon Gusto

“FRATRES” wine from Calabria

Under the “FRATRES” brand, the Barletta brothers have already brought various wines, oils and cold cuts from Calabria to Pforzheim with growing interest. These regional delicacies are available online at order and also directly in hair salon “la magia”, Christophallee 22A and Pforzheim. The FRATRES wine is available in local shops Schrammel shopping center in Enzberg directly on the B10 or at the freshness specialist in the northern Black Forest, Edeka Fedele in Büchenbronn, Calmbach and Bad Wildbador in Restaurant “Gusto Calabria”, Tannhoferweg 102 and Pforzheim. Of course you can also do this in Pinseria “Buon Gusto” Try.

Daniele Barletta in front of “Buon Gusto” pinseria. Photo: Buon Gusto

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