The 10 best juice and smoothie shops in Berlin

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Buying 20 to 35 percent more expensive: school and daycare providers want to renegotiate prices – Berlin

Given inflation, providers of school and daycare meals in Berlin and Brandenburg are finding it increasingly difficult to work financially. “Purchase prices have risen by 20 to 35 percent in recent months. It was not at all predictable when the bids were closed, says Ralf Blauert, chairman of the Association of German School and Daycares, … Read more

Tofu: delicious cooking with soy wolf | – Guide – Cooking

Status: 2022-04-05 15:14 Tofu is a popular vegan meat substitute and contains a lot of protein. It is made from curd soy milk. How do you cook tofu, what should you keep in mind when shopping? tips and recipes. Hardly any ingredient is as versatile as tofu. It tastes good fried or grilled, fried or … Read more

Wittgenstein: These are the most popular ice cream parlors

Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein’s ice cream parlors not only offer balls in cones and ice creams. These are the most popular ice cream bars and their special features. In the summer, it’s simply part of it: a scoop of ice cream as a refreshment in between or a visit to the ice cream kiosk with a large … Read more

Quick recipe for turkey schnitzel from the oven, deliciously baked with cheese and crème fraîche

Whether it is baked with mushrooms and cheese or with a creamy sauce – turkey schnitzel is simply delicious. image / shotshop After chicken, turkey is the most popular poultry meat in Germany. Turkey breast can be cooked as a schnitzel or sliced ​​and also tastes very good from the grill. Turkey breasts are also … Read more