Mediterranean food: Mediterranean food is delicious and healthy | – Guide

From: 2022-06-16 16:41 It is not for nothing that people around the Mediterranean are said to live longer and healthier lives. The fresh ingredients and recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine are versatile and easy to cook. Vacation by the fireplace? No problems with Mediterranean cuisine. Especially in the summer, fresh and light ingredients can be … Read more

Toasted wholemeal bread with Ajvar and Halloumi: Simply delicious!

Updated: 2022-06-19 – 19:36 Good! Wholemeal toast with Ajvar and Halloumi: Nice sandwich! Photo: StockFood / Castilho, Rua Our toasted wholemeal bread with ajvar and halloumi comes with arugula and pumpkin seeds. Our toasted wholemeal bread with ajvar and halloumi not only looks really nice, it also tastes sooo good. Perfect as a snack, quick … Read more

Lifestyle must: The coolest new products for June

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Light and tasty: spinach dumplings with parmesan and sage butter.

Updated: 2022-06-21 – 17:42 Tasteful and simple Parmesan spinach dumplings with sage butter Photo: Shutterstock / Karl Allgaeuer Delicious vegetarian cuisine from Tyrol: Our parmesan spinach dumplings with sage butter. Old rolls from the day before? Then try our parmesan and spinach dumplings with sage butter and let yourself be defeated by the original Tyrolean … Read more