Sustainability: New country department store for meat consumption with a clear conscience

sustainability Meat consumption with a clear conscience: the department store opens Updated: 2022-06-22, 18:10 | Reading time: 6 minutes The founding couple for “Ein Stück Land”: Hinrich Carstensen and Lina Kypke. Photo: A piece of land Start-up in Kayhude markets products that focus on species-specific cultivation. Limousine cattle for sale from a celebrity farmer. Kayhude. … Read more

Sweet Tiramisu Rolls: Unbeatably Delicious! –

Updated: 2022-06-22 – 18:47 Wow! Sweet tiramisu rolls for connoisseurs Photo: StockFood / PhotoCuisine Noble enjoyment: Our tiramisu rolls not only look delicious, they also taste heavenly good! Are you looking for a new favorite dessert? Then take a look here: classic tiramisu was yesterday, you should definitely try our tiramisu rolls. Worth it! Ingredients … Read more

This delicious carrot stew based on grandma’s recipe simply tastes wonderful – and is not expensive!

This delicious carrot stew is made very quickly and tastes like grandma’s – try the recipe! image / Shotshop What are you doing to save some money in the current situation? Consume less water, pay attention to power consumption – or do you adjust the menu? They are especially sought after right now: recipes that … Read more

This amazing recipe is incredibly delicious!

The rhubarb strudel is a real treat. IMAGO / Shotshop The rhubarb season has begun. So many people love the delicious vegetable, but it needs a little sweetness for it to be really good. Fixed – are vegetables even true? Botanically, definitely yes (we save you the complex motivation, which you can read here, for … Read more

Roast and good at Matjeskarre: New Matjes inspires the fans

Harburg – It’s finally here: On Harburg Weekly Market is this year on Thursday herring season has been opened. At the original Dutch herring wagon Har Anushka log house together with her son Edgar the first barrels opened. A moment that not only many Harburgers have been waiting for – finally there are fresh matjes … Read more

We always eat these famous foods wrong

When the fridge opens, very few people think about how to eat a certain food. Rather, it happens quite automatically that you take a product. I personally do not really care, the only thing that matters to me is that it ends up in my stomach and fills me. So it was not surprising that … Read more

From hand to mouth

In order not to be just a memory, it is best to take a closer look at the cultivation of sweet fruit. “The scent of self-harvested fruit that has just been spoiled by the sun is simply unbeatable,” says gardener Barbara Thon from Vorwerk Garden World in Rastede. There are a large number of suitable … Read more

Bake your own bread: how to make it crispy and delicious – Guide

Status: 2022-03-18 09:42 Whether with yeast or sourdough: Homemade bread is especially good. What do you need to keep in mind when making the dough and how does the bread get a nice crust when you bake? Bread is one of the most important and popular foods. It tastes extra good when you bake it … Read more