Fresh, fruity and so good! Great recipe for cheesecake with strawberries – strawberry cake with a difference

It’s time for strawberries! Whether it’s a cream cheese cake or the classic quark cake – strawberries are a perfect combination. image / agefotostock Cheesecake and strawberries, what a wonderful combination! A topping of juicy strawberries turns the classic cheesecake into the perfect summer cake. It is not only very, very good, but also looks … Read more

Make vegan tomato butter yourself: Here’s how

Updated: 2022-06-21 – 06:36 We grill! Fruity, spicy, delicious: Make your own vegan tomato butter Photo: Getty Images / 8vFanI We mix our vegan tomato butter with vegetable butter. Today we show you how to prepare vegan tomato butter. This is not difficult at all and does not require more than a handful of ingredients. … Read more