Avocado: recognize ripeness and prepare delicious | NDR.de – Guide – Cooking

Status: 27/05/2022 16:05 Avocado is considered a healthy superfood, but also organic. Why is this so, what should you keep in mind when buying and how can you see that the fruit is ripe and aromatic? Whether it’s in salads or sushi, as a side dish or for vegan desserts: avocados have been one of … Read more

Luya – the new durability tastes so good and juicy

June 3, 2022 © Luya Foods AG A new plant-based alternative to meat and poultry conquers Switzerland: Luya Foods launches its first products in Schweizer smilefood eggsretail. luya is in over 130 coops–branches and i coop–online store available. Bernstartupen provides natural food from saved organic–okara, a by-product of soy milk– and tofu production, here. What … Read more

Rice salad with corn and kidney beans: fast and delicious!

Updated: 2022-06-13 – 17:47 With delicious dressing Rice salad with corn and kidney beans: colorful all-round! Photo: StockFood / Timmann, Claudia Simple, fast and really tasty: try our rice salad with corn and kidney beans! At first glance, our corn and kidney bean salad may seem boring. We promise: It’s not him! He gets a … Read more

Kirchweih Nordostbahnhof 2022: With beer and brass bands – Nürnberg, N-Nordost, Nordostbahnhof

– The church mass has started again: the next station is Nordostbahnhof. There will be celebrations from June 16 to June 20. It should be exciting and entertaining, and also good and good: The South German Showmen’s Association invites you to the fair Nordostbahnhof. This begins on Corpus Christi Day (June 16) and runs until … Read more

The country tastes so good!

RTL>money> A trip to an Asian country like Thailand reveals completely new cultures: Especially the completely different eating habits can hardly be compared to Germany. Also: In Thailand, food is really celebrated. Not necessarily as a decadent restaurant visit with the family, but often simply on the street, where you and your family can enjoy … Read more