Breakfast in Rottweil – the editorial staff’s favorite addresses

The day starts perfectly with a delicious breakfast. Photo: 9nails / pixapay What better way than to start the day with a delicious breakfast? Rottweil has a number of options for all tastes – from hearty to vegan. Here we have gathered our tips. Rottweil – Whether you as a guest of Rottweil want to … Read more

“Mahlzeit” series: Delicious fillers in Balkan style

“Mahlzeit” series: Delicious fillers in Balkan style please turn off AdBlocker Your ad blocker is currently enabled. To get to the news portal and see content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blockers Disable your ad blocker or set an exception rule for this site. or Get a PUR subscription € 2.99 per … Read more

Rhubarb syrup: Simple and good recipe

Perfect for making a summer spitzer: rhubarb syrup. Photo: FotoHelin / In this article, we have a simple and good recipe for rhubarb syrup as well as a sugar-free and an alternative to Thermomixen. Rhubarb syrup is not only a booster in combination with sparkling water, it is also particularly suitable for mixing cocktails, … Read more

Monday tweets: “Business lunch” versus delicious food

Tweeting against grief “Please, please, never take me to lunch. Lunch is for people with plans and careers. I’m just hungry.” Business lunches certainly have benefits, but (unfortunately) being measured is not priority # 1 © Ridofranz / Getty Images 30/05/2022, 16:06 5 min reading time Mondays are hard. Especially pandemic mounting. And when it … Read more