Broccoli pesto: Here you can also use the stem

Broccoli pesto is a delicious alternative to classic pesto and can be cooked quickly with just a few ingredients. We show you how to make the healthy vegan pesto yourself.

Broccoli pesto is a tasty vegan alternative to regular Basil pesto. Broccoli makes it extra light and nutritious, as the mashed vegetables make you need less oil for the pesto. The recipe is also very good for using up leftover broccoli, as you can use it for pesto Also use the broccoli stalk.

In addition to broccoli, you need some classic pesto ingredients such as olive oil and basil as well as a blender or hand blender for the vegan pesto. Of course, you can change the recipe to suit your own taste.

Tip: Buy all ingredients for broccoli pesto in organic quality if possible. How to support one organic farming and make sure no chemical-synthetic pesticides get into your food and the environment. Recommended organic seals are e.g. demeter, natural land and organic soil. Out of season (June to November) you can also use frozen broccoli. You will find an overview of the season’s fruits and vegetables this spring Utopia seasonal calendar.

How to prepare broccoli pesto

For the pesto, briefly blanch the broccoli bushes.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / PhotoExpozure)

Broccoli pesto with walnuts

  • Preparation: about 20 minutes
  • Cooking / baking time: about 4 minutes
  • The crowd: 4 servings