This delicious carrot stew based on grandma’s recipe simply tastes wonderful – and is not expensive!

This delicious carrot stew is made very quickly and tastes like grandma’s – try the recipe! image / Shotshop What are you doing to save some money in the current situation? Consume less water, pay attention to power consumption – or do you adjust the menu? They are especially sought after right now: recipes that … Read more

Rhubarb syrup: Simple and good recipe

Perfect for making a summer spitzer: rhubarb syrup. Photo: FotoHelin / In this article, we have a simple and good recipe for rhubarb syrup as well as a sugar-free and an alternative to Thermomixen. Rhubarb syrup is not only a booster in combination with sparkling water, it is also particularly suitable for mixing cocktails, … Read more

This amazing recipe is incredibly delicious!

The rhubarb strudel is a real treat. IMAGO / Shotshop The rhubarb season has begun. So many people love the delicious vegetable, but it needs a little sweetness for it to be really good. Fixed – are vegetables even true? Botanically, definitely yes (we save you the complex motivation, which you can read here, for … Read more

How good is that ?! – This is how northern cooks | – tv – broadcasts AZ

How good is that ?! – This is how northern cooks Monday, August 1, 2022, 9:00 p.m. until 21:45 Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 01:00 until 01:45 Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 06:35 until 07:20 East from the Frisian Caribbean To the finale of the first season of “How Delicious Is It ?!” Jens Hartmann must … Read more

Delicious and light: “Buon Gusto” – the new Pinsa factory in Pforzheim – service

Bergglühen, the picnic at Dobel, is in its first round Königsbach celebrates: 100 years of Schuhhaus Föller Fifteen years ago, brothers Giuseppe and Daniele Barletta emigrated to Germany with their families to establish themselves here and to take advantage of the German prospects for a better economic future. And both have turned their professional opportunities … Read more

The 10 best juice and smoothie shops in Berlin

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Roast and good at Matjeskarre: New Matjes inspires the fans

Harburg – It’s finally here: On Harburg Weekly Market is this year on Thursday herring season has been opened. At the original Dutch herring wagon Har Anushka log house together with her son Edgar the first barrels opened. A moment that not only many Harburgers have been waiting for – finally there are fresh matjes … Read more

Buying 20 to 35 percent more expensive: school and daycare providers want to renegotiate prices – Berlin

Given inflation, providers of school and daycare meals in Berlin and Brandenburg are finding it increasingly difficult to work financially. “Purchase prices have risen by 20 to 35 percent in recent months. It was not at all predictable when the bids were closed, says Ralf Blauert, chairman of the Association of German School and Daycares, … Read more