About Drab To Fab


Beneath the cobwebs and dust hides many a treasure waiting to be waxed, not axed!

I trained in decorative paint techniques and design over ten years ago and love finding unusual or quirky items that I can transform into unique or statement pieces for the home.

I especially love restoring furniture made out of beautiful quality woods such as mahogany and walnut.   Each item gets a complete top to toe make over- I clean, repair and remove old varnish and paints before painting and decorating each item individually. This makes each one as unique as the tree that provided the wood. If I can inject a little “wow” or sense of fun into an item, so much the better! drabtofabgb.com

Wood is living matter so, even if it’s been umpteen years since it was a tree, it can always be restored with a little TLC!





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